There is some great work being done by organisations to improve workplace wellbeing and corporate wellness programs.  More and more research and initiatives are being developed.  We have seen more people speaking out about their mental health challenges and some organisations have been created with the sole purpose of ending the mental health stigma.

Mind, a company in the UK, has published a workplace wellbeing Index for the last two years and that is something new in this space.  Other organisations have recently been developed to capture the senior leaders in the UK, to openly talk about their mental health.  Then there are the organisations that have corporate wellness programs to support employees in the workplace.  These corporate wellness programs can range from employee help lines and counselling to fitness classes, massages, physical therapy and so on.

We respect all the work that is being done and believe it aligns well with Yoomi.  At Yoomi we understand the importance of treating an employee as a whole person.  We love that organisations have corporate wellness as a priority and we want to build on that great work by helping to measure it.  Yoomi enables the intelligent conversations that make a difference to how employees feels and how engaged they are.

At Yoomi we have thought hard about the design of our leading edge product and we have built Yoomi on the premise of it being simple, quirky and professional.  We know from a neuroscience perspective that brains love novelty. We also know that people need support, they need to know where the primary threat and the primary reward is at any time.  Minimising threat and maximising reward is important in how Yoomi has been built.  This in turn, speaks to employee wellbeing.  A safe and trusted environment is very important, as is the need to see a reward. ‘The SCARF model can be applied in any situation where people collaborate in groups’.  The SCARF model is the premise for much of this forward thinking in neuroscience and how it applies in the workplace.

Yoomi can work closely with the corporate wellness programs organisations offer through tailoring more specifically programs to support the workplace wellbeing of employees based on their responses within the Yoomi platform.  Yoomi does not design or provide corporate wellness programs, but we can certainly measure how an employee is feeling, which supports the overall employee wellbeing of an organisation.

At Yoomi, we believe in understanding more to perform better.   Yoomi gives the manager more information to build strong relationships and have meaningful and intelligent conversations.  Yoomi is where an employee can monitor their performance in light of how engaged they feel and how emotionally connected they are to their job and their performance.