Emoji monitor even for the party leaders

16th October - 2018

So now we are seeing sky news emoji monitor used for the performance and feelings of party leaders in the UK.   Why are we seeing this way of reporting now?  Does it resonate with you? Is it something people can relate to now and more in line with what we want to know?

I personally question the reporter predicting the emotions, however the concept is well done.  In the corporate environment, it would be nice to measure your feelings and emotions along with performance don’t you think?  From a manager and employee perspective, performance appraisals haven’t been much fun.  Seems to be one-sided some or all the time, it’s time consuming, only focused on the bottom line and tiresome.

Now, turn performance on its head to solve the problems that exist.  What if we include regular check-ins, ask specific questions around engagement and wellbeing that links to performance and treat the employee like a whole person?  We would not only be solving the problems of outdated performance appraisals, we would be going one step further than the sky news concept and asking employees and managers of their opinions, feeling and emotions.

How could you use this in your organisation? How could you change the mindset of performance appraisals and encourage greater dialogue?  Consider doing it now and get ahead to really make a change for the better.

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