What is Yoomi?

Yoomi is a cloud based system that is easy to install with minimal employee data to transfer across. Yoomi is a unique and user-friendly app that connects employee performance, employee engagement and employee wellbeing.




Why does my company need Yoomi?

Managers and employees loathe performance management and dislike engagement surveys, both have proven to be tedious, time-consuming and often feel pointless.  

These outdated processes don’t take employee engagement or employee wellbeing into account and ultimately don’t work towards the cultural or business performance shifts that your business needs to succeed in the future.

Organisations can already obtain individual data on employee performance, employee engagement and employee wellbeing to varying degrees, but it is not all conveniently packaged in one place as with Yoomi. Yoomi connects the three elements to truly grow your people and your business.

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How does it work?

Emotion-based rating system

Yoomi asks relatable, emotion-based questions and prompts users to select a ‘Yoomi’ to record how they personally feel.  Yoomi allows performance management to be more responsive to emotions and engagement whilst linking it to what is important for Business, team and individual performance overall.

“I have loved using Yoomi. It has transformed the performance  of our business.”
Matt Townsend

Performance management at Yoomi is about understanding the whole person.

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