What Does World Health Day Have To Do With The Workplace?

11th December - 2018

Simply asking someone, ‘Are you ok?’ is worth its weight in gold.  In Australia, a ‘Are you ok?’ charity has been set up to do just that – promote the need to ask each other ‘Are you ok?’ rather than ‘how are you?’.

Similarly, the Princes and Princess Catherine are putting mental health on the map to breakdown the stigma attached to having a mental illness.  They emphasise the need to have a voice and be able to tell someone about how they are feeling.

And recently there has been more press linked to the need to talk about mental health at work.  According to Soma Analytics, companies that address their employee’ mental health and wellbeing turn a higher profit.

In our view, companies need to do more to promote employee wellbeing, and not simply by offering a few health programs.  We are talking about organisations asking how employees are feeling, are they are ok?  Being more in touch with an employee’s wellbeing shows greater awareness and opens up the dialogue to transform the relationship with your people and your business.

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