Understanding Employee Wellbeing To Improve Performance

17th April - 2019

Performance, employee engagement and employee wellbeing are such important areas to manage well in any business. Having a wellness position in an organisation is more than a trend, it’s a necessity. We know that in the UK, 1 in 4 people in the workplace suffer from mental health issues. This alone is a staggering statistic. We also know that we need more data in our organisations to truly address employee wellbeing better than we do now.

Employee Wellbeing: More Than Only Employee Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys need to work differently than they do now. They have served a good purpose in the past but alone they do not have the same level of impact that they could do if used in partnership with other processes and innovations. It is the way that they have been used that has caused them to become flawed. Providing employee rewards for completing an engagement survey is still prevalent, as is the lag effect post completing a survey. Knowing how an employee rates their engagement doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about why they are feeling a certain way or, what the reasons or causes are behind their feelings.

There Is More Than Only The Performance Appraisal

Of course, we know that performance appraisals have not been cutting it. They have been way too time consuming and not hitting performance targets for the organisation. The annualised or bi-annualised process has not helped the appraisal process at all as it feels  distant to the employee, their manager and the organisation. We know from a Deloitte study of their own organisation, that they were spending a whopping 2 million hours on performance appraisals. There is certainly no ROI for organisations in that antiquated process.

Rethinking Performance Management to Understand the Whole Person

Taking a step back, and having a more holistic look at your processes may be exactly what you need. We have certainly done that at Yoomi when rethinking performance management, as we knew there had to be a better way! What we know is that we need to understand more about each person in the organisation, form better relationships with them, have more intelligent conversations and obtain intelligent and timely data. This way, everyone will be better informed.  

Understanding more, to us, means getting to know the whole person, building a relationship that genuinely supports them whilst at work and being aware of how they are actually feeling. It’s about having the privilege to understand if something either inside or outside of work is impacting their work performance or level of engagement at work. These intelligent insights will only come when your people are managed as a whole person and treated as human beings.

When we have the right data, in a timely manner and all in one place, everyone can perform better. Similarly, we believe that the more we understand an individual or team, the greater the level of support and motivation we can provide.  When we show up as a business, as leaders, and as managers who care and have an increased level of knowledge, support and understanding, we can build stronger engagement, employee wellbeing and performance.

So how do we get there? How do you understand more about your people? What if we could have this information in the moment all in one place?  It all starts with finding meaningful performance, engagement and employee wellbeing data and assessing it so it can create value for the organisation and the employee.  

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