Yoomi is the easy-to-use performance management system that combines the three key elements: performance, employee engagement and employee wellbeing.

Yoomi conveniently packages the information from these three key data sources to give you a user-friendly app that is one of it’s kind. We ask the right questions using our unique rating system to truly transform the dialogue between you and your people. We want you to understand the employee as the whole person to support their overall performance and wellbeing in the organisation.

Yoomi’s performance management system asks emotion based questions which then allows you to view results immediately in order to manage the performance, engagement and wellbeing of each employee, as well as in their separate team functions and across the entire organisation. Managers can immediately see their teams check-in results and feedback for greater understanding and awareness of how the team is functioning and how they are feeling.

Yoomi’s performance management system helps to make this process far more engaging and realistic.

Through combining employee engagement and employee wellbeing with performance, the data is meaningful to enable intelligent conversations to take place after check-in’s.  This ensures employees feel supported and allow managers to view frequent performance feedback and data.

Yoomi’s performance management system has been developed by HR experts and has the currently trends included, like regular check-ins and feedback loops.  Where we are different and unique is how we have changed the way we look at performance.  Yoomi’s performance management system is present and future focussed, and combines performance with employee engagement and employee wellbeing.

What Yoomi is not?

Yoomi is not specifically an employee engagement system.  We can run an employee engagement pulse survey for you at any time to gain instant feedback as part of the Yoomi system, but we do not run employee engagement surveys as the sole offering.

Employee engagement systems can not only provide vital insight into how employee engagement impacts business outcomes, but also a plan of what improvement may look like.

Unfortunately, many organisation fail to take effective action planning seriously and the gap between an organisations understanding of employee engagement and its ability to take timely effective action is so significant that they rarely take any effective action on the results at all.

This is why we are much more than just an employee engagement system.  The Yoomi performance management system has been designed to track and measure performance by combining employee engagement and employee wellbeing. Through asking emotion based questions and using our unique rating system, we have designed a solution that is more than an employee engagement system.

What is the Yoomi platform?

Yoomi is a cloud based system that is easy to install with minimal employee data to transfer across to your Yoomi solution.