Make The Digital World Work For Your Performance Management

17th April - 2019

Don’t let the digital world overtake you! We need technology to drive change, not push it in the wrong direction. As the digital world ramps up its reach and capabilities, we need to be smarter in our approach and find the best cutting edge technology to affect change.

We can all do this by being more aware of the possibilities that AI and modern technology provide, being great leaders and knowing everything that is going on around us in the organisation. Or we can sit still and hope for the best! We have to fine tune our ways of working to ensure the digital world doesn’t overtake us and leave us running to catch up.

A recent Mercer report titled ‘Global Talent Trends Study 2019’, indicates that a mere ‘2% of companies believe their existing performance management system deliver exceptional value’. Similar data has been reported for many years and not a great deal has changed. We believe it is time to look at the latest technology advancements in this space. The Mercer Study goes on to say that ‘thriving employees are almost three times more likely to say their organisation provides the tools they need to do their job efficiently’. Hence the need to move forward with technologies that are efficient and provide the simplicity necessary to drive value to the employee and the organisation.

How can technology for performance management be more efficient?

Having quality information at our fingertips is so important, as is our ability to have honest and  intelligent conversations with our employees and teams. For example, if you could answer these questions below for your employees how much more value could this bring to you and your employees?  

  1. How do your employees actually feel?
  2. How well are they engaged?
  3. How are they performing?
  4. Can you answer these crucial performance questions at any time, on any day for your teams?

If the answer is no, then let’s change that now by expanding on how technology can drive change for performance management so that we can find out more about the person than just the usual performance outcomes.

What technology can you use that gives you all the information you need to have great conversations with your employees and your teams? We believe we need technology that does more than provide us with one or two key points of information. We need it to give us valuable insight relating to the performance, engagement and wellbeing of our employees on a regular basis. This way we can know what our employees are thinking and feeling, which will in turn help us make the changes we need. It’s about building an overarching picture of their experiences that takes into account how people’s emotions change on a day to day basis.

It’s time to look at and make the most of the data and information you currently have available to you in order to understand your employees and your teams. Then, consider what information you would ideally like to have, continuously have access to in the moment, and understand where you will get it from.

The digital world is not going away and will become an ever increasingly demanding environment if we want to drive optimal performance with an engaged and healthy group of employees and managers. We at Yoomi are here to help…understand more, perform better.

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