Loving Monday

At Yoomiapp, we have been in all things performance, engagement and talent for over 40 years combined.  We are always extending our thoughts on these areas and believe that there had to be a better way for performance, which is how Yoomiapp was born. At Yoomiapp we realise the need to understand the whole person and not just performance and what someone gets paid to do their job.

Engagement needed a new focus and it was Peter at Loving Monday that has led the way to think very differently for real outcomes.  Claire and Peter worked together at B&Q and have spent considerable time working with Gallup and a lot of the big employee engagement consultancies. Like us, Peter knew It’s no longer about a costly, one-off engagement survey that will change the hearts and minds of managers and employees.

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Loving Monday has worked in the field of engagement and cultural change for over 20 years and can help you to understand it, measure it, develop it and most importantly make it work for you. Loving Monday believes everything starts with communication, not least engagement, culture and leadership.

VoicePrint is one of Loving Monday’s unique tools.  VoicePrint unlocks our understanding of talk, allowing us to use it more effectively than ever before.  VoicePrint supports and develops communication at all three levels, individually, in teams and across organisations.


Why does a company need Loving Monday and Yoomiapp?

Information and data help you prioritise development and highlight the conversations you need to have but that’s not the full story. Loving Monday help you turn those often difficult conversations into development opportunities, turn challenge into change and information into action.

Loving Monday develop the skills, confidence and behaviour of leaders and managers. Supporting them to develop real connection and relationships with their teams, taking the ‘employee’ out and putting the ‘person’ back in to drive engagement, build trust, increase individual performance and develop organisational culture.

Want to know more about how our partnership with Loving Monday could help you?

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