Looking For A Better Way Forward With Performance Management…We’re All In This Together

10th May - 2019

Are you in search of the best replacement for performance management appraisals for your business? Are you only looking at performance management as you know it or are you looking to find something that could be  a real game changer for your business? Do you really know what you want?

In short, your answer may be that you don’t know what it is that will make a difference, or you may know that you want a more continuous performance management process that has a performance feedback component to it. You may even be clear on your objectives and requirements for your business but just don’t know how to actually achieve them or even what solutions are available. Regardless, we know that we’re all in this together, looking for the best way forward for performance management.

How You Can Transform Your Performance Management

We at Yoomi, believe that there is a need for a continuous performance management process that is all about building regular meaningful relationships between your managers and their team. A fundamental part of those relationships must be having more intelligent conversations with the right data at hand in the moment. Without such knowledge, your relationships are on shaky foundations. We also know that feedback is an important part of the solution, helping to ensure that the relationship is a two-way street between manager and team member.

What hadn’t been considered until Yoomi was created was the need to make more of  the connection between performance, engagement and wellbeing. Whereas most performance management tools consider these to be  three separate considerations ,Yoomi brings them together in one system that considers the experience of the whole person and captures three lots of data in one place immediately.

What we believe is that organisations must have a complete performance management solution that takes into consideration all that we know is on trend, including a solution that considers employee engagement and employee wellbeing. We need to understand how someone feels about their performance, the level of support they receive and their motivation to do the job, not just solely focusing on their performance expectations.

It’s time we all think more about changing performance management to not just follow the latest trends, but rather to consider more the norm and really extend your thinking to include how you engage your workforce. It’s about understanding more in order to perform better. We believe we need to think laterally and broadly about what might be possible whilst considering the impact life generally may have on your workforce.

This is not the nice, fluffy HR speak. This is about having a performance management solution that will achieve what it needs to achieve for your business in a fast moving digital world unlike anything we’ve seen in previous decades…we’re all in this together!

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