It’s Time to Consider the Whole Person

29th April - 2018

Visualise this…You are a HR professional frustrated with a lot of piecemeal information.  You are responsible for managing an engagement survey once a year, a pulse survey every few months, the talent and succession process, the pay review and the performance management process, amongst many other competing priorities.

The engagement survey is one set of data that can be very useful but do you use it in the right way? The pulse survey is a good check-in to see the level of engagement at a point in time, and the performance management process is separate to these again.

The question for us is how does the series of separate data serve your organisation?  Does it improve performance and engagement levels?  Where have you considered how the employee is feeling?

We know that having all this data is great, but it doesn’t necessarily add value to the bottom line.  It doesn’t consider employee wellbeing in any shape or form and forgets about the linkage between any of these separate pieces of information.

The whole person is important and finding a way to tap into an employee’s wellbeing as well as their engagement and performance outcomes is the key to promoting organisation performance.  Imagine being able to have performance, engagement and wellbeing data for your team and employees in front of you at any time.

We need to change our mindset as HR professionals with how we look at performance, engagement and employee wellbeing.  We cannot continue to run separate surveys once a year or a few times a year.  We need to be smarter and consider how to embrace the whole person view in our organisations.   We no longer should accept anything less.

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