I’m Feeling Rather Purple Today… Emotional Performance Management

17th April - 2019

At Yoomi, we view performance management as increasingly being more about how someone is feeling. Performance management to us is not only about goals, objectives, behaviours and regular check-ins. With the Yoomi app, we have created a unique performance management solution that focuses specifically on how someone is performing in relation to their emotions, wellbeing and engagement.

When Emotions Affect Your Performance

Think about how this unique approach fits with your work days, weeks and months. Have you ever had an off day/s, felt like there’s just too much to do and you can’t see the wood for the trees, or have been affected by something outside of work that isn’t going well? Chances are you have had a bad day/s. Furthermore, you could be, or you could be managing, one of the large percentages of people in the workforce who have some form of mental health concerns.

Well, for me I have had my less than average days too. We move house every few years for my husband’s job and recently, after just 12 months in our current city, we have found ourselves having to move house unexpectedly due to water and mould damage. This meant moving into temporary accommodation, finding a new house quickly and hiring temporary furniture while we waited for everything of ours to be professionally cleaned.  

Wind the clock forward to day 2 of our belongings being delivered to the new house. Waking up that morning I felt like a truck had hit me and I didn’t at all feel like tackling the day ahead with the moving crew and all the subsequent unpacking. I wished for it to all just go away! I do recall my husband asking me how I was feeling and wondering if he could help as he got ready for work. For the first time, I had to actually admit that I wasn’t feeling great. I felt like I wasn’t achieving, that all the pressure was on me. I was mum, wife, house mover and running a successful business to boot! I turned to my husband and said “I can’t just click my fingers and have this all be done in 2 days you know!” I was feeling rather purple indeed.  Where was the fairy and her magic wand when I needed her?

This situation in my own life put me off working and therefore affected my performance for that day and actually, for the remainder of the  week and the next as I continued to unpack and sort out the house. I can still laugh about my less than optimal comment to my husband. It did, however, reflect how I was feeling. We can all say some less than favourable words and then just plough on and get things done. However, people like me still have those times where we feel purple or red and just need some additional support.

Stop and Ask the Questions About Performance, Wellbeing and Engagement

Throwing the ball over to you now. You may or may not know what is going on in your employee’s life, but you are, as a manager, expecting certain levels of performance to be achieved. Have you ever stopped to ask meaningful questions about performance, wellbeing and engagement to help you understand more about the whole person? Do you really know your employees?

There’s More to Consider Than Performance Management Outcomes

We believe there is a real need to have more intelligent conversations in the workplace. This for us means understanding the whole person. Knowing how they are feeling, whether they’re well supported, whether they have the resources they need to perform and so on. We can no longer assume or write off performance results if we are not considering emotions and wellbeing as well as levels of employee engagement. If you know how someone is feeling, you can then work on a plan to support that individual employee’s needs and in turn get results.

In my own situation, by communicating my unfortunate circumstances to the team at Yoomi, they were able to provide the support I needed to get through. If nobody had asked me how I was actually feeling, my engagement, wellbeing and performance would all have suffered. I would not be a happy person or employee.

Yoomi -The Next Generation Performance Management Solution

For us, this is at the forefront of all of our thinking and how we came about creating Yoomi. Yoomi is the new performance management solution, that encourages intelligent conversations between managers and employees and builds a solid basis for strong and meaningful relationships throughout the organisation. Having Yoomi in place in your organisation will help you collect the data you need to understand more for greater levels of performance, engagement and wellbeing in the moment.


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