Why is Yoomi so different from other employee engagement tools?

Most employers know that an engaged workforce is more likely to be a more productive one, but less acknowledged is the link between employee engagement and the health and wellbeing of staff.  We believe you can’t have employee engagement without employee wellbeing. This is important to anyone interested in creating the right environment for success – one in which employees are motivated and productive.

A mounting body of evidence strongly suggests employee wellbeing is an essential aspect of employee engagement, and that companies may be missing a trick if they don’t tackle the two in tandem.

At Yoomi we believe that if you have high employee engagement but low employee wellbeing, there could be a risk of burn-out over time, and where there is high employee wellbeing but low employee engagement, employees may be feeling generally satisfied and well but are unconnected to the organisational purpose.  When Organisations drive employee engagement it results in more motivated employees who get a sense of accomplishment at work. Typically, these people will also have higher levels of personal wellbeing.

Organisations need to take a holistic view of employee engagement and realise that you can’t just have an engaged workforce you need to understand how they are feeling also.  Understanding how your employees feel about your Organisation Culture, their relationship with their managers and teams and how engaged are they with your Business is Vital.

If managed correctly, and not driven as a KPI, employee engagement surveys can not only provide vital insight into how positively employee engagement impacts business outcomes, but also provides a plan of what improvement may look like. Unfortunately, many organisations fail to take effective employee engagement survey action planning seriously and the gap between an Organisations understanding of employee engagement and its ability to take timely effective action is so lacking that they rarely take any effective action on the results at all.

In most organisations HR manage this cumbersome yearly employee engagement survey process. They create the employee engagement survey questions, analyse the data and communicate the results, generally to Board level, and the process either stops there or is cascaded, very slowly to Managers and Teams!

Things have to change…….and HR needs to be seen as the facilitator of this change rather than the administrator or the enforcer. Managers need to take the reigns and start driving employee engagement!

Employees, particularly millennials, don’t see themselves as talent needing to be managed, they see themselves as individuals seeking growth, purpose and success in their work.  They crave real time feedback and more frequent, high quality conversations with their Managers.  This transformation can only become possible with the right technology and training!

Yoomi can deliver all of this and more.  Yoomi is not solely an employee engagement tool.  We use employee engagement as one of our levers to look at the whole person, in combination with employee performance and employee wellbeing.  Yoomi produces instant results to bring a complete picture of one’s performance in light of their level of engagement and their emotional wellbeing.  Yoomi is about building a culture that cares about people, their engagement and their wellbeing.  Its support Managers to truly make a difference and create strong meaningful relationships with their Teams!