Improving the employee engagement within your Organisation is significant, Yoomi gives you the holistic data that supports you to truly understand more to enable you to perform better.

Yoomi is the easy-to-use mobile and desktop app that makes things clearer and less time consuming and laborious, allowing managers to gain a greater understanding of their team members. It helps to create an environment where people simply perform better.

Yoomi has been developed by HR experts to bring you a cutting-edge app that is the solution to your performance problems.

Yoomi’s benefits include:

1. Yoomi Asks The Right Questions

1. Yoomi Asks The Right Questions

Asks relevant and emotion-based questions about how employees are feeling right now as well as the weeks ahead. These questions are tried and tested by us, and are completely customisable, allowing you to dig deeper into your business’ performance.

2. Yoomi Has A Unique System

Enables individuals to record how they personally feel by choosing the ‘Yoomi’ that best represents their emotion at that time. This helps capture their true feelings around performance, engagement and wellbeing. Our ‘Yoomis’ make the feedback process both engaging and relatable for employees.

3. Yoomi Transforms the Dialogue

Provides all the data you need in a dashboard for every check-in to enable meaningful and intelligent conversations to take place.

4. Yoomi is About the Whole Person

This allows managers to fully understand how their employees are feeling and the how, what and why of performance and engagement.

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