Are You Thriving at Work? 26 Oct 2017 The Times

14th April - 2018

Today a report titled Thriving at Work has been released into the media referring to staggering numbers, 300,000 people in fact, leave work each year due to mental health.  This report is really a blow to productivity and the general acceptance and wellbeing of employees in the workplace.

The report highlights six ways an employer can create a better workplace for their employees to support mental health and wellbeing.  There are simple and relevant areas of support documented, from creating a health plan to encouraging open conversations to promoting awareness, good working conditions and effective people management.

Performance management should be a way to encourage open conversations between managers and employees and be a tool to support effective people management to name a few.  BUT, we all know this is not the case.  Continuing in the world of performance appraisals as we have known it, is not the way forward if we are to address this issue of mental health.

We need more open dialogue between people and their managers.  Managing people and performance should be more than simply looking and assessing performance.  There is more to it and we believe understanding an employees emotion and wellbeing as well as their level of engagement brings about a greater level of effective management and truly provides for more meaningful conversations.

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