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Yoomiapp is an easy to use mobile performance management app which allows managers and teams to have regular check-ins by asking future focused questions which encourage meaningful conversations.

Yoomiapp is about improving the overall employee experience of performance and providing managers with immediate data to drive performance. Yoomiapp allows managers to fully understand the whole person, how their employees are feeling and the how, what and why of performance and engagement.

App Feature

Easy check-in

Yoomiapp allows employees to quickly and easily check-in, by asking simple and relatable questions about how they’re feeling. These questions, like ‘How do you feel about the work you’ve had to complete this week?’ allow the user to be completely honest in their reply. They can easily record how they’re feeling on our unique Yoomiapp scale, by picking the ‘Yoomi’ character which best represents their emotion at that time. This helps employees to consider and share their true feelings, whether they’re undergoing any particular challenge or feeling on top of the world. These questions center on employees’ own perceptions of their performance, engagement, and wellbeing. Check-ins can be carried out on the go; anytime- and anywhere, using the app on a phone or tablet.

Our Yoomiapp check-ins make the feedback process both engaging and relatable for employees, by providing a safe space in which people can be honest and listened to. The Yoomiapp check-in questions are tried and tested by us, the people behind the app, and are completely customisable – allowing you to dig deeper into your business’ performance.

Following a check-in, managers will receive a summary of their team’s check-in results and can then prioritise how and when they communicate with their team members. Notifications are sent to managers when an employee’s responses indicate that there should be a conversation taking place (for instance, should an employee choose to represent their feelings with an unhappy ‘Yoomi’ character – indicating that they may be facing a challenge or two). This check-in approach opens up the communication and builds strong relationships between the organisation and its employees – vital to the success of any business.

App Feature

Personal profile page

A customisable profile page is really important when it comes to increasing employee engagement. Your team members are unique, and each brings something different to the table. That’s why Yoomiapp enables users to choose a profile photo of their choice, and customise their profile page using the wallpaper feature, to make this space feel truly their own.

Yoomiapp provides each user with a visual dashboard overview of all their past check-ins, as well as their Big Intentions (their goals and objectives), along with their Personal Development goals, how they’re making progress against them. All their data is presented easily and clearly, in one place!

The personal profile page allows the owner of that page, the employee, to manage their Personal Development intentions and their Big Intentions, adjusting and marking progress off when goals are achieved!

We believe this personalisation of the profile page is important for your team members to feel empowered and listened-to, as well as to encourage an employee-led feedback process and assist with focus on both work and life goals.

App Feature

Cloud based platform

Yoomiapp has been built on a cloud-based platform, with the future in mind. This allows the app to scale with the changing priorities and needs of your organisation as it grows. The app has been built with a strong foundation, and is highly secure, ensuring confidential receipts of any information your employees choose to share.

Employees can access their web-based app through their browser, and use it like a regular app. The control mimics the use of an app, with simple select and swipe technology, as well as space to provide any additional information the user wishes to – making our user experience unparallelled.

You are able to control and manage your company account by using the web-based admin portal, for ease of use and complete flexibility.

A single sign-in has been adopted and works easily on multiple mobile devices, as well as the desktop.

App Feature

Team profiles

Yoomiapp provides all the data that managers need in a Team dashboard, which enables meaningful and intelligent conversations to take place.  The Team profiles provide managers with all the data they need, to ensure that they can be more in tune with and receptive of their employees’ wellbeing at all times. The more understanding and consideration in the relationship between management and employee, the far better your team will perform – across all levels. This sensitivity, consideration, and connection are particularly important, as in today’s world more and more people work remotely or from home.

Managers can see an overview of how their employees are feeling, by viewing the average ‘Yoomi’ that has been selected for each question. With Yoomiapp, managers can immediately see their team’s check-in results.

Being able to view your team’s feedback facilitates a greater understanding of how your teams are performing, their level of engagement, and how each employee is really feeling about the weeks ahead.

This data enables managers to prioritise their team, and establish conversations when necessary, thanks to the immediate response time of the Yoomi Check-In.

App Feature

Data analytics

At Yoomiapp, we believe this data is critical to the success of your organisation. Yoomiapp’s reporting functionality is highly flexible. Data can be reported at the team, individual and organisational levels. In addition, we believe strongly in flexible data export options, to allow management to truly analyse results effectively.

At an admin level, Yoomiapp allows your organisation to understand engagement levels, survey participation percentages, breakdown of specific data within a survey, feedback, check-ins, and also performance intentions (objectives). This level of reporting facilitates the downloading of critical data for board, management or team reports at any time.

Your managers can easily produce reports on their team’s progress and have the reports they need for reviews, management meetings or team meetings at any time, through the data export function.

App Feature

Ad hoc survey’s

At Yoomiapp, we believe in flexible surveying, to allow your organisation to survey the wellbeing of your employees and teams at any time, or to assist in their progress within any area of need. You can use the flexible survey functionality for a simple pulse-check, or more comprehensive surveys about employee engagement, performance, and wellbeing.

The Yoomiapp surveys can be anonymous or open, are easy to upload and administer, and can be exported into CSV files.

Whether it’s a pulse-check, a new system recently implemented into the business, a change readiness survey, or a wellbeing and engagement survey, you can be sure to get immediate results.  The survey functionality allows the use of the ‘Yoomi’ characters to answer the survey questions. This means the survey results will report on the organisation’s (or the team’s) emotional connection and overall engagement levels.

App Feature


Yoomiapp provides sophisticated feedback functionality, to allow all employees to give, receive, and request in-the-moment feedback. The feedback function is linked to your company values and fully is customisable, to ensure it is constructive and productive. A summary of all the employee’s feedback, both given and received, can be viewed through their personal profile page.

We believe that feedback is critical for building stronger relationships and creating a more open culture that thrives on high levels of trust and integrity. We also believe that embedding peer-to-peer feedback creates a strong culture of collaboration, and encourages team engagement.  If the feedback function is not required, this can be disabled to streamline your Yoomiapp experience. For stronger, clearer, and better teamwork in your organisation – use Yoomiapp.

App Feature


The ability to send all company broadcasts.

A megaphone will appear when a message from the company is ready to read, once the message has been read the megaphone will disappear.

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