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Be emotionally connected.
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Yoomiapp is a unique and user-friendly app that connects employee engagement and employee wellbeing and performance.

Our mission is to change the way organisations approach performance. We want to enable organisations to nurture more meaningful relationships between their managers and their employees and to promote positive employee wellbeing in every workplace. We believe that adopting a present and future-focussed performance management practice will help your business succeed.

Helping managers understand more, and employees perform better.

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The Yoomiapp Application

"All good change leaders need confidence. Understanding how well the people are engaged in the change is the most important aspect of that confidence. Remember, success is all about the people."
Geoff Mason Coach and Writer on leading change
“Yoomi was built from a passion for finding a better way to capture true performance for organisations and their employees. We knew finding the emotional connection to performance was critical to business success.”
Prue Armstrong Yoomi
“The truth behind emotion can only lead to marginal gains in overall Business performance for organisations."
Claire Owen Yoomi

How does it work?

For years we’ve completed tedious appraisal processes on an annual basis that so quickly become irrelevant and fail to lead to the results and outcomes for the organisation. They have traditionally taken up too much time and has not been a fair and reasonable process.

We wanted to change this by tackling performance from a completely different angle. That’s why we created Yoomiapp, a unique mobile app that connects employee engagement and employee wellbeing with performance. Yoomiapp is easy to use and allows you to have regular check-ins with employees, tapping into their emotions.

Yoomiapp is one of a kind app to track employee engagement, employee wellbeing and employee performance, as well as to promote giving, receiving and requesting feedback and ad-hoc survey functionality – all this conveniently packaged in one place.  Yoomiapp simplifies the full functionality, and also adapts to constantly-changing work environments.

At its core, Yoomiapp enables you to achieve positive outcomes in the right way, driving operational effectiveness and optimising business performance.

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